Tuesday, April 14, 2015

A Beachy Sophisticated Vintage Dresser

Yesterday after several hours of painting the house- did I tell you we're painting our house from boring yellow to beautiful blue??- it was time for a lunch break. I zipped over to the Westchester Market to scoop up one of their amazing gigantic delicious grinders, and spotted this vintage dresser on the side of the road. On my return journey I saw that it was still there so I took the drawers, to deter any other scavengers (sneaky sneaky) and then made a quick turn around to come back with my truck for the rest of the carcass. Free on the side of the road is my favorite furniture price point. I understand why this one had been cast out; it's top had seen better days, and the design was so SO dated. There was a lot of interesting trim work there, though, and the drawers worked perfectly and are solid oak, and it's made by Bassett- worth saving for sure.
        First I added a new top in horizontally placed weathered pine boards finished with thumb molded oak trim. I stained the boards in gray and sealed them for a sophisticated meets beachy vibe, somewhere between driftwood and swedish country home. I painted the case in an antique French blue, highlighted the wood work in cream, distressed, and sealed with wax. I replaced the heinous drawer pulls with antique stamped brass knobs and an antique lion's head and ring pull for the bottom drawer. So from side of the road to chic in just over 24 hours, this vintage dresser is ready for a new home!

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