Thursday, April 2, 2015

A Vintage Hutch in White and Aqua

      Funny story about this hutch. I drove over an hour to pick it up a few days ago. It was an excellent price and I loved the straight clean lines of the top molding. Now, I consider myself fairly well versed in the highways and byways of rural Connecticut, but this house call took me to a town I had never once set foot in before. The seller was very nice, and within minutes I was back on the road, zipping home, trying to beat an impending rain storm.
        I knew I had to at some point stop for gas, as my truck was nearly empty, and opted to do it before I got back on the highway. Aaaannnd then, being in a strange town, worrying about the rain, and finding my way back to Rt.15, I managed to lock my keys in the truck, in the ignition, at the pump. Luckily the gas station attendant let me use the phone, and even looked up the phone number for AAA for me. And luckily yet again, the AAA guys showed up in under an hour. So I only had to spend 45 mortifying minutes sitting on the tail of my bright yellow pickup, looking like the world's biggest idiot.
         Anyway, I got the hutch home safe and sound and immediately got to work on it. I painted the case in a stunning shade of aqua, and the interior in bright crisp white. I distressed all the aqua painted portions, and sealed everything in dark wax. I replaced the drawer pulls with antique white washed ones.


  1. Another gorgeous piece-love the aqua and the styling!

  2. How cute is this?! All of your recent ones are such nice colors. What paint are you using? Chalk, milk? GF? Love that sapphire, this color aqua and that saffron. This hutch just looks fab in the color combo and how you have it staged. I've wanted to do one but I know how much work they are and not sure if they will sell.

  3. What color is this please?

  4. Looks great! I have the same hutch, any idea who the maker is?