Thursday, June 19, 2014

Top Picks Jeffrey S. Evans Auction

I just stumbled across this auction while searching for something else for work. They're all the way down in Virginia, so they're not really on my radar. They're having a great auction on June 21st, and the whole catalog is wicked wicked good. You can view the whole thing here 

Here are my top picks~

Antique wallpaper covered fire board

Gorgeous rural landscape

The extra scroll work on this plant shelf sets it apart.

I love all the colors on these antique measures. 

A folky step back cupboard with wonderful chippy paint.

How adorable are these two kittens in an oak tree!

This cheerful still life of cherries would be lovely in a kitchen.

The chartreuse to emerald ombre effect on this piece of glazed earthenware is stunning.

A charmingly naive pie safe.

I suspect this fantastic woodwork sunburst may have been a gaming wheel at some point.

A beautiful and folky weathervane.

I have the perfect spot on my porch for this pair of antique paint decorated pedestals

A terrific piece of calligraphy work

I love the vibrant paint surface on this folk art bird of prey sculpture. 

The scrolled lower shelf on this mid 19th century wash stand is so sweet

An early 19th century paint decorated settee with gold carriage striping. Picture perfect!

I've always thought a wall box near my side door would be such a great way to coral my keys and cell phone

I mean really, this sign is hilarious

This trade sign has really charming lettering that takes it a step above the typical late 19th century sign.

I suspect these heart form andirons are early 20th century. We had a similar pair in the shop a couple years ago.

The tonal warmth of this stack of dove gray band boxes give them a subdued elegance.

Paint decorated boxes of this nature are often European, mid 19th century in origin.

A handsome teal painted cupboard that would be grand for linen storage

Such a superb antique table of impressive scale.

The auction has many incredible quilts, and this is one of my favorites.

And finally this cheeky early 20th century hooked rug is incredible. 

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