Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Pretty Kitchens

I've been slowly giving my kitchen a face lift over the last month or so. It was one of the first projects we tackled after moving in, and now, five years later, I'm working on getting it a little closer to 'just-so'.
So far I've replaced a rather busy and irritating corner with a nice big hutch painted the warmest shade of sunshine (Benjamin Moore's Roasted Sesame Seed). Next I swapped out my much loved kitchen island because I came across an antique counter on craigslist. The new counter adds much needs countertop space, storage, and eliminates another irritating and cluttered spot. The next two things I plan to do are the ceilings- which are this horrendous 1960s foam, and the countertops- which are currently furniture grade plywood. I'll be putting in pine boards, to match the top on the new island.
To keep my motivation up, I've been searching for other gorgeous kitchens, here are a few that caught my eye.
There's a lot I like in this kitchen- primarily the dutch door and the ceilings. This is what I'm going to go for with the ceilings in my kitchen. 

A fantastic example of all that's possible once you think outside the cookie-cutter kitchen box. The old lab cupboard is perfect for storage, and the island adds additional workspace. And look at that gorgeous sink in the background!

But if you have pre-existing cabinets that are standard fare, paint them an unexpected shade- like butter cream yellow. The use of bead board on the island and as a backsplash further supports the casual cottage feel. 

Well, most of us don't have a room like this for our kitchens, but it's fun to dream. The best part is the fireplace. I also like the idea of a long antique bench for the island, rather than bar stools. 

This kitchen has definitely been a primary source of inspiration for my space. The salvaged island is superb, and I love the use of trade signs and colorful pottery to add dimension and soul to the room. 

Another space I've relied on heavily for inspiration. This kitchen feels timeless and earthy. I love the color palette.

This kitchen gets a nice kick in the pants from a bright orange hutch. Don't ever be afraid of color!

Here's my kitchen as it looks right now. I'm really pleased with the progress thus far, but that ceiling has got to go!

A couple things that jump out at my from this kitchen- of course the incredible antique island- but also, look at the piece of antique salvaged wrought iron used as a pot rack. So clever!

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  1. I think your kitchen is really lovely. I love the shade of yellow you chose for your peninsula. Reclaimed wood would look fabulous on your ceiling!! Even new beadboard planks painted white would look excellent. I did that in my previous home in Austin, and everyone thought the beadboard was original to the house!