Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Top Picks: Eldred's Auction Summer Market Sale

Eldred's Auction is having a fabulous summer sale on July 17th. You can view the entire catalog here 
It's light hearted and jam packed with wonderful antique objects!
Now, as happens every summer, by the end of June I'm up to something very very naughty, I'm think about my Autumn decor. I know- terrible. I just can't help it. No matter what time of year or how beautiful the weather is, my mind is always set longingly on the next season. Caramel apple cider, a new pair of brown leather boots, and an emerald green sweater mmmmmmm!
So my top picks from this Auction may have been slightly influenced by the Autumnal leaning.

I love everything about this cupboard, from the color to the form to the surface.

An adorably leggy little one drawer table

I'm such a sucker for a fine floral still life. Love the vibrant hues of this one.

This would be absolutely perfect on my mantel for Autumn.

Ethereal and satisfyingly moody. 

A fabulons antique dry sink.

The perfect gift for the Children's Librarian in your life. 

The legs on this bench are so incredibly unexpected and quirky!

Back to school decor- sooooo fun!

The salmon red and robin's egg blue on this glazed top step back cupboard are wonderful.

Classic antique trestle form harvest table with nice clean lines.

A lovely paint decorated settee- could well have been made in the Portsmouth region.

You can practically feel the stiff breeze in this stunning landscape

Another painting perfect for Autumn decor. What a tense and terrifying moment! We have a black bear running around East Hampton even as we speak. 

Classical paint decorated Fancy Windsors in spectacular condition

These antique wrought iron garden gates make the most wonderful statement pieces when hung on the wall. 

This vintage Fall landscape is darling.

A practically matched pair of 19th century dome top boxes with two different shades of blue/green. Be still my heart!

Eldred's has a nice selection of antique barber poles in this sale, but this one is my favorite. The softness of the paint surface is beautiful, and being that it's flat, rather than 3d it would be so easy to display!


This green glaze on this double handled earthenware jug is so outstanding.

And finally, there's something so mysterious and engaging about this somber portrait. It's my very very favorite thing in the sale. I want it!

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