Saturday, November 24, 2012

Spool Turned and Barley Twists

Last fall I drove up to Manchester, Connecticut to purchase two beautiful antique sideboards. The guy had been a kind of novice antique dealer, and along with the sideboards, he had several other pieces of furniture including a spectacular 19th century dining table with four massive barley twist legs. I can't remember how much he wanted for it, maybe about $100. At the time, it was more than I was allowing myself to spend speculatively on furniture. If given the opportunity now, I would snatch that table up in a heart beat. It's one of those missed purchases that will haunt me, sadly, for many years.
Lately I've been seeing a lot more barley twist and spool turned legs on new furniture at Pottery Barn and the likes. It's such a gorgeous detail, and you don't need to buy a new piece of furniture to get it. There are many many wonderful examples from c.1870-1930 on the market today.
I think I'll eventually buy myself a spool turned bed for either the master bedroom or the guest bedroom.
I hope you're Thanksgiving was pleasant, and that you all go out shopping tomorrow to support small business Saturday!!
I absolutely adore this spool turned bed. If I could find one like this for a reasonable price, I would definitely swap out my boring old maple bed in my master bedroom.

A sweet spool turned whatnot shelf painted a fresh white is creatively decorated with color vintage accessories here.

A gorgeous reproduction spool turned bed with matching nightstand here would like right at home in any cottage bedroom

This is a spectacular kitchen and the barley twist barstools compliment it nicely.

A massive antique barley twist refectory table. be still my heart.

Such a gorgeous antique desk made all the more handsome with intricate and bold barley twist legs.

A perfectly adorable coffee table with dove gray base and barley twist legs.

Love this barley twist lamp!

Such a sweet spool turned chair.

Look at this gorgeous daguerreotype of a little girl in a wool dress lounging in a spool turned chair.

Wisteria is obviously fully aware of the trend, pairing a spool turned chair with a barley twist desk!

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