Thursday, November 8, 2012

Painted floors vs. Refinished floors

Ok first, I  have some new projects that are nearing completion:
A beautiful mahogany double pedestal table and six matching chairs
A matched barn board topped black coffee table set
A large round pine coffee table
I've been bad with taking 'before' shots since the weather got cold, but rest assured that I'll post pics in the next couple days for these pieces.
I've also gotten a few new items to refinish including:
A huge vintage pine farm table with five matching chairs
An antique chestnut sideboard
A small mahogany sideboard
A small desk with matching chair
and I'm hopefully picking up another solid oak farm table set (four chairs and a bench!) tonight
So if you're on the hunt for any of the above items, shoot me an email and let me know

Ok on to the post. We're moving steadily along with our drywalling upstairs, and hopefully by Christmas we'll be putting the finishing touches on the space. One of the major decisions I must make is  whether or not to paint the antique fir floors in the upstairs, or sand and refinish them. Certainly, the refinished floors would be flashier and more appealing to a future home buyer, but I so love the look of painted wood floors in the bedroom. Refinishing the floors is a lot more work and time and money too. Let's look at some pictures and try to decide.
A beautiful bedroom that feel almost ethereal with the bright wood floors. I just worry that white floors would be forever dirty.

I'm really attracted to this gentle shade of dove gray. I think it would wear well and still reflect a lot of white into the space.

For a little cheerful guest bedroom, there's nothing like an unexpected color on the floor to make the space feel light hearted and welcoming.

Another white floor, this one over much wider floor boards. I think this white has a bit more of a gray undertone, and would probably wear well.

With a very limited color palette, this room feels peaceful.

I really like this color, and this room is the closest to what I want the upstairs to feel like- eclectic, antique, brightly colored and lit. I really enjoy the subtle shade of mint on the walls and how it plays with the gray floor color. 

On the other hand, these wide board floors have so much depth and texture. They add warmth and interest to the room.

A more finished look here, and the room is tailored and handsome. These floors are about the width of my own upstairs, and this is probably about what they would look like if stained with an english chestnut.

Antique oak floors, so clean and attractive.

Pine floors left in an almost natural color. I like how you can see so much variation in the grain, and how the light wood tone helps to keep the room light and airy.

The home owner actually took this picture as a 'before' and then stained the floors a more traditional color. I'm really into this light washed, almost limed look!


  1. Anonymous11/08/2012

    I like the ooks of the painted too but I think I would keep the wood. There is a lot of history in those boards keep them exposed.

  2. Thank You! I agree, I am distinctly leaning that way, though I know from refinishing the downstairs floors that it's QUITE a process!!