Wednesday, November 14, 2012

A Settee For a Reading Nook

The master bedroom upstairs is all sheet rocked now, so we can really see what shape it's going to be. It's so cool because it has so many interesting nooks and crannies, just as an old house should. One of the nooks is about 8 feet wide, 5 feet deep, and tucked under the sloping ceiling. At the wall it's only 40" tall, but the ceiling increases steeply from there. Perfect for sitting, not great for standing. I've decided the best use for this space is a reading nook. I have far more than my fair share of books, and really no good place to put them. I'm hoping to do shelving along the walls in the nook, and then tuck a brightly colored settee in there. It would be a great way to add some color and pattern to the room. I can just picture myself curling up with a good book, a glass of wine, and my pretty settee on a quiet rainy night.
I've never owned an upholstered settee, and after one absolutely catastrophic attempt at recovering a wing chair, I know that upholstery is a land within which I dare not tread. I'm hoping to find one already covered, or possibly, if any of you out there are upholstering dynamos, I'd be interested in trading one or several of my pieces of furniture for the upholstery work on a settee.
Here are some pretty, colorful settee's. Hope your week is going well!
I know, the colors on this settee are crazy, but somehow, it's really appealing to me. Love the lines and the shape.

Doesn't this one look super squashy and comfortable!

A classic tufted leather settee would certainly match our leather living pieces downstairs, but I wonder if it would be a little harsh and serious for our otherwise bright and light bedroom.

DROOOOOOOOOL. This is an early 18th century settee. Fabulous. And the upholstery. Wow.

I like the lines on this one, though I'd prefer if the frame were painted white, and the upholstery fabric were a little brighter.

The blue frame is so bold, and contrasts so well with the more muted upholstery on this one.

Go big or go home. This is smashing and I would trade my first born (that I never intend to have) for this settee. That fabric is sooooo awesome.

I really like the industrial/deconstructed vibe on this one

This would be perfect. I love the color, the shape, and the dimensions. 

Those curtains are horrible, but the settee, in a simpler space, would be so lovely.

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