Thursday, November 29, 2012

Side tables galore

Phew* sorry for the break since Sunday. I've been working on furniture but haven't had anything to photograph quite yet. Instead, we can do a little shopping together. I'd like to get an interesting side table for the landing at the top of the stairs, and a pair of side tables to go on either side of the new settee. Side tables are so fun. They come in every shape and size imaginable. You can get them for very cheap, and then you can paint them bright exciting colors!!
Here are some fun ones that I like:
First the single table for the top of the stairs.
I've been working with a lot of teal for a couple custom projects in the last few weeks. I'm really digging teal right now. This side table is such a rich shade, and the details are beautiful.

Wow oh WOW this is gorgeous. The faded powder blue is just amazing with the red top. It's such a nice small size too.

A nice simple oak table with a white and chipped surface is appealing and versatile. It would go with all my seasonal decor quite nicely. 

I like the scale and dimensions of this sweet little table. The white is fresh, and the bright hit of color on the drawer really ups the ante. Also, the hardware matches our nightstands.

yummy yummy. This side table is my favorite shade of mint green, and the antique drawer pull is stunning. If I came across this at the flea market it would be the hands down winner.

And look at this little treasure. The website refers to this color as 'Marigold''. It's such a cheerful energetic color! 

My husband would never go for this, but if I were a single gal in a house full of cats (because it's really only my husband's admirable self control that keeps me from adopting every kitten on craigslist), I would definitely have a go at a bold floral side table!

Another teal option, with a good size and pretty lines.

And on to the pair of side tables for either side of the settee

Aren't these sweet! I've never seen anything like them, very interesting lines, and the color is fabulous. They kind of remind me of antique architectural columns.

Full on drama and swag here. Probably not quite right for my little cottage, but we should take a moment to admire the mastery of design and construction that this pair of tables demonstrate.

A little more my speed, these would be perfect for the bedroom.

I love the bold retro feel of these. The gold dipped feet are so cool.

Simple and straight forward, but if you look closely, these tables have some very nice details on the legs.

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