Sunday, November 11, 2012

Christmas Preview

I was SO BUSY yesterday. I woke up early and worked until 11pm. I wanted to take advantage of the nice weather, and I don't get many days off, so I have to be productive when I can be. On top of working on furniture for about 7 hours, I also flipped the house over from the fall stuff to the Holiday decor. After some thought, I decided that I wanted the house to be light and bright and airy for the holidays. Though the decor is not overtly Christmas-y, I tried to work in some sparkle to make the space feel special. The holiday theme this year is mint green and silver. This allowed me to show off my green glass collection, which I realized after putting it all out, is rather large these days.
I've included some pictures from my new decor. I hope this helps get you in the Holiday spirit! Falalalalalala!

I used my antique rolling rack to show off some of my smaller piece of blue green glass.

close up on some of the soda bottle and a little zinc box I picked up at the flea market over the summer

Toni posing with a large green demijohn

Couple more demijohns on an antique green dresser

The mantle

My white shelves in the kitchen

A couple antique oil paintings in the kitchen
Antique rocking horse that everyone thinks is creepy, but I think is so lovely!

cupboard in the dining room. Not sure why the lighting is so funky- it was bright daylight when I took this pics!

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