Friday, November 16, 2012

Farmhouse Dining Set

Phew. I'm so tired I can't see straight! Worked on furniture out in the cold all day. I'm now so exhausted that rather than go to the gym, I've decided to stay home in the warmth and blog. Let's all agree that I burned enough calories out in the cold for 8 hours, and carrying chairs, tables, and sideboards up and down the basements stairs over and over again. agreed? fabulous.
So I finished two dining sets today, and got a good start on the third. Plus I started a very sweet antique desk set. I wouldn't have been able to get as much done without the help of my new part time chair painter extraordinaire, Brian S., who spent five hours braving the cold today to paint coat after coat onto chair after chair. Thanks Brian S.!
This is a wonderful solid pine dining set that I purchased from the original owner a couple weeks ago. It's solid as a rock, really high quality pine, excellent construction. We painted the chairs a very crisp bright white, and refinished the top. It's amazing what a difference refinishing can make! The set includes six matching captain's chairs, the round dining set, and two leaves. It's a really big wonderful table. Would be perfect for Thanksgiving! This one is going up on craigslist tomorrow, so if you want first dibs, shoot me an email at
Before and afters below ~

before with top sanded, re-stained, and a single coat of poly on it.

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