Saturday, March 4, 2017

A Vintage Hutch in Linen and Ivory

I knew I was going to love this hutch just from the initial picture the client sent me. It's a classic form, but with so many thoughtful details that really set it apart, and after refinishing hundreds of these vintage hutches, the details make a world of difference.
          It's c.1960, solid rock maple, just immaculate, well cared for and wonderfully built to begin with. But it was dated, with that orange-y opaque varnish that is always always found on these pieces. It was time for an update so this family piece could continue to bring elegance and storage to its home for generations to come.
          The clients opted for classically timeless elements for the update: linen exterior and an ivory backboard, burnished copper hardware, and a very light distressing, juuuuust enough to make the beautiful lines of the piece pop a bit. Finally we went with a blonde tone for the top- it's the original maple stained with minwax "Natural" and then sealed.
          The hutch is going to a room filled with white, black, and crimson- and I pulled from that palette for inspiration when staging it. I couldn't be happier with how it turned out. So fresh and modern!

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