Wednesday, March 8, 2017

A Vintage Oak Buffet in Tuscan Teal

Well. I LOVE how this came out. And a lot of credit goes to the client who commissioned me to work on it. These colors- the deep teal, the pop of coral on the interior, the heavy distressing, the finish with a dark glaze, the silver hardware- none of them would have been my first instinct for this piece. But they are absolutely perfect for it. Spot on. It's never looked better. I think it's my favorite buffet I've ever done.
The gal is going to put it in her kitchen as extra counter/storage space. I also raised the piece up almost two inches by adding a second base to the original, making it a better height for serving and prep. It has a definite Southwestern feel, so I staged it with one of my very favorite paintings that I scored last summer at the Elephant's Trunk flea market, and some antique German mineral spirit bottles, and some succulents. This one makes me so happy. They all make me happy, but this one especially!
       Stay tuned tomorrow I've got yet another buffet to show you!

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