Thursday, February 9, 2017

Pine Night Stands in Burgundy

This project came just in the nick of time. I'd been dying to paint something in the red family for ages. I keep seeing these shades of burgundy and merlot in design magazines and they just look so sexy on furniture.
      I got this wonderful pair of solid pine handmade nightstands from a lovely client a couple weeks ago, and another lovely client approached me to custom refinish them for her master bedroom. She's already got quite a few Heir and Space pieces, and look at this awesome mood board she's created for her room! And yes, that's an Heir and Space Ethan Allen dresser!
       She asked for a classic antique burgundy for the night stands, lightly distressed. I gotta say, I LOVE them in this color. Love love love. And I'm so happy with how the photos turned out!

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  1. these are cute and look much better painted