Thursday, February 23, 2017

A Petite Hutch in Shades of Green

Today was a happy day, so it's fitting that I finish it off by showing you this happy little hutch. I'd say 98% of the happiness of the day was due to the weather. Spring has sprung in Connecticut, it was almost 60 degrees today, and will be even warmer tomorrow! I spent the entire day working with my workshop doors thrown wide open. It was magnificent.
       I always forget what a damper winter puts on my soul until the first hint of spring drags me back from the brink of utter bitchiness. I am not, and have never been a winter person. It's spring and summer all the way. I'd like fall fair enough if not for the looming presence of winter peeking its bastard hoary head around the corner of October.
       But here we are now, with winter at our backs and so many glorious months of sunshine and flea markets, flowers and gentle dulcet breezes washing through leafy verdant woods. Fall is a season of reds and burnt orange with splashes of mustard and winter is painted in cashmere shades of fallen blue and dead snow. In spring it's all about green. My garden is spiked with hopeful kelly green shoots of daffodil, my lilac bush by the back fence is, impossibly, already speckled with fat lime buds that will be leaves so very soon, and look what I spotted yesterday on my drive to Home Depot- Crocus! One of the earliest and most welcome harbingers of a change in season (as if this balmy weather weren't indication enough). And yes, I know they're not green, but OH that yellow needs to go on a piece of furniture IMMEDIATELY.

So it's with lifted spirits that I share this sweet vintage oak hutch with you, painted in the absolute springiest green ever. I asked the Heir and Space Facebook followers to help me choose a name for the color, and after an incredible four hundred some odd submissions, I picked "Aloe My Love".

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