Thursday, February 9, 2017

A Vintage Federal Tall Chest in Green

I was pretty indulgent early this week. I've got quite a bit of custom work that I should have been slogging away on, but I had this tall chest that's been giving me bedroom eyes for weeks now. It's not been spoken for for custom refinishing, so I decided it was time to refinish it the way I want.
      It's a bit of a risky color. If I'd wanted to sell it immediately I probably should have painted it pale blue, or gray, or white, or black. Those are always the colors that sell the fastest around here. But I was dying to see it in green, playing up those delicious original oval brass pulls. I also decided to paint the top rather than sand, stain, and seal it. It's right at my eye-line and somehow I thought a line of dark wood would make it stumpy and grounded. I wanted this thing to dance!
       I mixed up a batch of custom mixed pale green, and got to work. Well no, actually I spent hours and hours meticulously patching veneer loss, chips, and dings, and then I got to work with my paint brush. It always astounds me how many "professional" furniture refinishers don't repair mars to the case before painting. It's sloppy, and lazy, and quite inexcusable if you want my humble opinion.
       Now I really really mustn't keep this beauty for myself, as much as its tempting me. One of you needs to adopt it before I lose my will and haul it upstairs to my own bedroom!


  1. I love the shape and design of this piece. That color would be perfect in my house.

  2. Anonymous2/10/2017

    Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! The color is perfect!

  3. That color fits perfectly with the vintage design. I love decorating my house with vintage-inspired pieces. I think a lot of people have the idea that all vintage furniture must be "old" and cracked and worn, but you can freshen up your furniture with a new coat of paint and still have a beautiful vintage-inspired piece. There's just something charming about that style.

    Brandi Bradley @ Rotax Metals

  4. My favorite color. I am so glad that you painted it green apple green color.