Thursday, February 2, 2017

A Vintage Hutch Base turned Media Console

This is the base to a GIGANTIC piece of vintage furniture. So gigantic, in fact, that it was no longer really practical, which is why it had sat at the ReStore for some time. It was intimidating, enough to drive away a prospective buyer just at the thought of having to lug the beast into one's home.

         But I saw potential. soooo much potential. Hutch bases like this make the best media consoles. They're classic, well built, offer an absurd amount of storage, and are long and low. One of my favorite clients just happened to be looking for such a piece for her family room. When I sent her a quick cell phone picture of the base she agreed it would work perfectly.

        I sanded the top, which had been gouged and scratched over the years from the top being put on it and taken off over and over. Luckily it's all solid wood, and sanded up flawlessly. It's the best top I've ever done, walnut I think? We painted the case in a custom mixed shade of lagoon blue, and the interior in a custom mixed shade of 'fawn'. I painted the clever little interior drawers and shelves in the lagoon too, for a fun pop of color. I kept the original backplates and hinges, but re-colored them, and swapped the knobs out for salvaged vintage pierced pulls that play to the elegance of the piece.


  1. Awesome piece of furniture. And I love the lagoon blue color!

  2. really cool. I wish I had found your blog before we got rid of some of the ugly pieces the family members dumped on us.