Saturday, February 18, 2017

A Vintage Cherry Hutch in Pale Yellow

Somethings that I work on are a nightmare from start to finish. Sometimes that's because they're in poor condition, or have a weird surface that paint just doesn't want to stick to, or there's some little problem that I have to try six different ways to fix. I don't tell you the stuff that makes me nuts and drives me to the martini glass.
        But I will certainly tell you when a piece makes me happy, makes my job a joy, and inspires me. This c.1965 Thomasville cherry china cabinet, and the matching sideboard, which I finished earlier this week were sooooooo pleasant to work on. It's not like they were a walk in the park, both took time and effort, but more just that when I finished them both I felt really damn proud of how they turned out.
        This cabinet is in one of my very favorite colors, "Beignet" by Benjamin Moore. It's actually the color of my guest room walls, though interestingly it reads are decidedly green in there, and it absolutely pale yellow on this hutch. Weird. The color isn't lemon, or sunny, it's a bit more complex and grounded than that. It's the color of white wine, or the inside of a green grape, it's got some fizzy element of ginger, and a hint of warmth and green, like the sun streaming through lush summer treetops. It's an absolutely spectacular color, even better in person than in these pictures.
           It's finally warming up outside- and it supposed to be glorious all this coming week. That means lots and LOTS of new furniture to share with you. I work so fast when the weather's fair.

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  1. What a difference a color makes! That piece is beautiful....