Thursday, June 9, 2016

Release the Kraken!

Who says furniture has to be serious all the time, and if ever there was a piece of furniture that deserved a fun cheeky treatment, it's a drink cart. It exists in its very essence as a vehicle with which to transport and serve boozy refreshment at parties- surely it should be over the top and adorable!!
         And with that in mind I refinished the sweet little c.1960 solid maple drink cart. It's in one of my favorite colors of the season, Essex Blue, and has, as you can surely see, a giant octopus crawling up one leaf onto the top, probably the poor guy's just trying to make himself a gin and tonic.
        I sanded the entire frame down, added a second shelf as it had one originally but had lost it at some point, painted the case, hand painted the octopus, distressed everything, and sealed it with wax. The whole thing is ultra durable and washable, so whomever buys this should feel more than welcome to spill a glass of wine on it.

1 comment:

  1. Kate
    Where did you get the octopus stencil for the bar cart? Or is that freehand???? Your blog has inspired me to attempt to paint an old bed. My Grandson would like a Kraken on the hardboard. I have no artistic ability so a stencil would work. Thank you.