Wednesday, June 22, 2016

An Antique Oak Dresser

I got this dresser on Monday afternoon. I had initially planned to turn it into my bathroom vanity, as we're gutting and renovating the downstairs bathroom this weekend. When I started looking the dresser over though, I realized it would never work as my vanity. I mean, it's the perfect size, and just what I was looking for, but it's too perfect. I could never ever ever forgive myself for cutting a gaping hole in that solid oak top, or foreshortening all the drawers when they slide so smoothly, even after more than a hundred years of use. Nope, not gonna happen.

           It worked out for the best, I swung by the Cromwell Restore looking a last minute replacement and realized that I really wanted a pedestal sink after all (it's not a huge bathroom), and found the most stunningly wonderful one for $50. So it's a win win.

           And now here's the glorious oak dresser refinished and ready for a new home. I refinished the drawer fronts and the top, but kept the original stamped brass hardware because it's glorious. I had to re-glue the side panels, which had started to slip, and decided to paint the case in a soft distressed black to really really make the oak pop. I just adore how this one turned out, and the pictures really don't begin to do it justice!

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