Wednesday, June 22, 2016

A Vintage Mahogany Dresser in Sage

The most common question I get is "How long does it take you to refinish a piece of furniture??".
And since this is the most common question I get asked, like seriously juuuuuuust about everyone who picks up furniture asks me this, I have a canned answer which is, "It depends, and it's hard to gauge since I'm always working on more than one piece of furniture at a time...".
        Which is the truth, but for those of you unsatisfied with said canned answer, here's an example. Today I refinished this dresser and the oak one I just showed you from start to finish. I started at 9am, was away from my workshop from 11-2, and then finished them up by 5:30pm. But the caveat here is that these two dressers needed no extra work, just straightforward refinishes. AND I didn't have to replace the hardware on either, which saves several time consuming steps. AND the weather was hot, dry, and sunny, which meant everything dried super super fast.
         So this is a wonderful vintage solid mahogany tall dresser. As I said, it's in excellent condition, but was so dark and dreary so I painted it in a custom mixed new color of warm sage I've named 'Amphora'. I refinished the highly figured mahogany top, and distressed and waxed the case. I kept the original drawer pulls because they do suit the dresser nicely and have the prettiest patina, an almost green.

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