Thursday, June 30, 2016

An Antique Dresser in Oak

Sometimes furniture comes to me and really all I have to do is slap it with a paint brush a few times and it becomes something new and fresh like magic! And sometimes furniture comes to me with seventy four thousand things wrong with it and I basically have to re-build the sucker from the ground up. This is an excellent example of the latter. This poor antique oak dresser had definitely seen better days, and whatever journey it had been on for the last hundred and twenty or so years, it had left it in a pretty sorry state. Really, the goodwill could have been its last stop. But instead, because a client of mine spotted it and saw through the wear and damaged drawers to the potential, it's getting a fresh new start!
          So, I dismantled and re-glued every single drawer, and replaced the bottoms of several. I sanded, stained, and sealed the top, added a new crest where the original had been, filled the old hardware holes and the dings and scratches, sanded everything down, painted it first in a bluebird teal, and then a white, distressed it to let the teal peek through, swapped the dorky clunky 19802 hardware for antique stamped brass pulls, and sealed the case with wax.

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