Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Top Picks: Garth's Americana Auction

One of my favorite auction houses is hosting a fantastic Americana sale on March 12th and 13th. It's blistering cold outside (-3 by last check), so while I wait for my workshop to warm up, I thought I'd share some highlights from the auction. You can and should view the entire catalog online here.

The brilliant gold paint graining on this late 19th century century table is like a shot of pure sunshine. 

A wonderfully decorated wallpaper box with an image of an early building.

This cheeky mid 20th century copper weathervane gave me such a chuckle. Did she actually hit the chicken that's behind the car?!

In a small-easy to fit anywhere size, this mid 19th century stand still packs so much punch!

For the crafter- a late 19th or early 20th century hardware cupboard. A sweet little drawer for anything and everything!

A deep blue that's almost teal and wild decoration make this 19th century dome top box a star.

I've already got one watch form trade sign- but this one makes me want two! "Watch Hospital" is adorable.

Two of a set of six stunning early 19th century paint decorated chairs. They're so bright and fresh, and would look absolutely outstanding gathered around a rustic farm table!!

I love the blue green of this 19th century box. It's so rich and deep, and reminds me of the color of the sea in the summer.

This little folk art corner stand is my top pick of the sale. The early blue paint has faded into a fascinating ombre. The drops along the apron and the scalloping along the base give this piece an irresistible energy.

A Shaker cupboard in the most amazing shade of yellow. 

I can never resist a banner weathervane!

This ethereal early 20th century gouache on paper is so beautiful. Reminds me that spring might someday actually arrive.

A lovely pair of mid 19th century French portraits. The detail of the gown is what caught my eye. The portraits are dated 1842, and this gal is ever so stylish. Her sleeves have not yet given up the fullness that defines costume of the 1830s, though the ruching at the sleeve caps and lowered armscye will remain popular throughout the 1840s. The fan pleating across the bust, which gathers into a deep V that you cannot see in this painting are purely an 1840s detail. With photography in its infancy, these portraits are at the tail end of the height of folk art portraiture.

I so enjoy a bright impressionist landscape

This Wallace Nutting trestle table has such a fabulously modern form. It's almost Mid Century Modern in style. 

An English Ironstone Pitcher with a great nautical theme. 

Yet another boldly painted blue blanket chest. The large scrolled feet on this one are so incredible.

This antique pie safe has the nicest washed back pine surface. I was at a client's house last night and she had a chest in a similar surface. I'm a fan!

This over the top Classical dining table stopped me in my tracks. Look at the crazy pedestal base! I love it.

And finally another two beautiful impressionist landscapes. I'd like to fill my entire house with ones like these. 

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