Saturday, February 14, 2015

Seeing Red: Happy Valentine's Day!

My house is decorated exclusively in shades of green and yellow, so there isn't much room for red in the decor. Luckily, the guest house is done up in neutrals with red accents, so I can play around with that color palette too. I'm pretty lukewarm on Valentine's Day as a holiday, it's always one of the coldest days of the year, and yep, we're supposed to get a blizzard again tonight. Maybe we can heat things up a bit with some pretty red furniture an accessories.

Absolutely stunning mudroom with superb cow weathervane and adorable little red bench.

Apple red sideboard I did this past Autumn
Every gal should have a red cardigan in her wardrobe.

Red and white enamelware is so charming and timeless.

and I bought some pretty red lipstick this week! 

Beautiful c.1845 pine dresser I painted a little before Christmas. I can't believe this hasn't sold yet!

I love the aqua and red combination in this funky dining room. The playful chandelier makes it ever better!

Adorable antique red cupboard I refinished last spring

How cute is this vintage red bag! Would be so perfect with a striped navy blue long sleeve t shirt black leggings, and brown boots.

I painted a nearly identical set of firehouse windsor chairs in a nearly identical shade of red several years ago. Something about this form of chair, it just begs to be red!

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