Friday, February 13, 2015

A Walnut Console in Aqua

When my furniture sourcing guy took this off his pickup truck on Wednesday, I was a little wary. It's not old, maybe twenty years at most, which is generally a huge black mark against a piece. As soon as I spent the time to examine the quality though, it won me over fully. It's solid walnut, just beautifully constructed. The clean lines are equal parts art deco and mid century modern, for a satisfyingly unique form. Since the form is fairly subtle, I painted it in a bold custom mixed aqua. I asked Heir and Space followers to submit suggestions for a name for the new paint color, my favorite was 'Cloud Nine'. I sanded stained, and sealed the top, which is sooooooo perfect, distressed and finished the painted portions with a dark wax. It's finished on all four sides, so you could put it anywhere. It has to be one of the most versatile pieces I've seen in a while; Just off the top of my head it could be a sofa table, a tv console, a sideboard, a desk, a hallway console, or put it on casters and use it as either a breakfast bar or a kitchen island!

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