Sunday, February 15, 2015

A Solid Cherry Sideboard

95% of these mid 20th century sideboards are solid maple. And maple's lovely. But this one, made by Temple Stuart around 1965, is solid cherry, a rare bird indeed. I went with a subtle gray paint finish to really play up all the glorious colors of the top. It's a two tone gray, with a darker charcoal under the brighter top shade. The distressing lets the darker tone peek through. The paler gray color is custom mixed, and I've named it snow sky. It's very much the color of the sky today... I finished the paint with a dark wax top coat. The interior is painted entirely in the darker charcoal shade. I swapped the boring old Chippendale brass pulls out for sophisticated cove pulls. The knobs are original, but re-colored. I staged the piece with bright springy shades of green and yellow, and a bird theme, because spring simply cannot come soon enough to this desolate snow covered wasteland. 

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