Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Top Picks: Garth's Gentleman's Sale

You know already how I adore Garth's Auction. They find the coolest stuff for their sales, and I always come away from the latest catalog feeling fresh inspiration and enthusiasm for decorating. They're upcoming sale, A Gentleman's Auction, is chock full of amazing vintage and antique objects. You can view the entire catalog here . I spent a very pleasant morning going through all the lots and here are my top picks!

This stunning late 19th century box. I'm not sure it gets any more British than a bulldog standing on a Union Jack. 

Close up of the painting on the lid. I love this box so much.

An elegant pair of cast iron greyhounds. These would be so cool in a minimalist industrial loft.

Amazing mid 20th century folk art iron robot. Gorgeous.

This vintage olive green leather chair. My top pick from the whole sale. 

A sweet portrait of bulldogs. Antique pet portraits would be the coolest thing to collect. 

Lovely vintage leather Abercrombie and Fitch satchel. 

Antique iron lion, would make the best doorstop. 

A perfectly refined Empire center table. 

I want a cow painting so very very much. This one's fabulous.

A collection of antique sterling silver julep cups. They would make such a wonderful Christmas gift.

Antique top hat with box. I have just the spot for this in my house. 

The title of this charming painting is 'The Wandering Mule'. I can practically read that poor man's mind. He's thinking "That DAMN mule!"

An antique box from a Billiard Hall. Very very cool. 

This painting is enchanting. So perfectly rendered, but I find the frame rather distracting. 

I have one antique silver trophy, which I adore. I may need a few more!

Early 20th century barley twist brass candlesticks. Such an exceptionally playful form. 

Wouldn't this antique regency library ladder be pretty in the corner of a sitting room. 

And finally this striking late 19th century portrait of a collie is incredibly beautiful. 

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