Monday, November 24, 2014

Garth's Thanksgiving Americana Auction

It's Garth's 54th annual Americana auction. It's my fourth annual time getting giddy with excitement waiting for the catalog to come out. As with every year, no disappoints, but loads and loads of temptation. You can (and should) check out the entire catalog here. I've gone through it three times now, because I just couldn't get enough, and here are my top picks from the sale. I should also mention, Garth's doesn't solicit or in any way compensate me for my ravenous adoration of their sales... yet. I know they read these posts though so...hey guys, you can send me some bribe antiques, we'll keep it all very hush hush ;-)

A wonderful mid 19th century appliqué quilt

Love this bold folk art textile.

An antique blanket chest in the most to-die-for blue

I'm such a sucker for pretty aqua glass.

Handsome devil, isn't he.

I may need this. I may fight you for this.

Love the grain painting on this antique cupboard.

How can you resist an apple green farm table!

I may need this antique wallpaper hatbox as well. I mean, could it be any more delightfully foppish?!

Love the mustard yellow/crimson combo on this antique chest.

A sweet antique boo with lovely stencil decoration

Lately I've been really digging these antique copper pieces. You could fill an entire pot rack with them!

I love both of these quilts, but the one on top is especially enchanting, with that unique clover motif!

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