Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Flea Market Finds and New Acquisitions

Even though it was bitterly cold on Sunday morning, I hit up the flea market. There's one more this coming Sunday but I might skip it. It was about 20% of capacity, making me long for those wonderful summer mornings when there were hundreds upon hundreds of vendors. But, all things considered, I didn't do too badly. Here's what I picked up:

I actually snagged this antique farm table off craigslist on Friday, but I figured you wouldn't mind if I lumped it in.

This guy at the flea market was selling these amazing prints on canvas. The prices were really fair, and I fell in love with them instantly!

I also picked up another box of vintage christmas balls. I collect them, and I love the color variation on this batch.

You know, for seasonal decorating. 

I don't typically buy repro art, but today was an exception twice over. I had to have this.

And finally I got this adorable solid pine cupboard. I love the paneled doors on it. 

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