Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Top Picks: Cowan's Americana Auction

There are very few things I enjoy as much as paging through the catalog of a fantastic auction. I hardly ever buy anything, but oh it's nice to window shop. Cowan's actually has something in their upcoming auction for which I would readily trade my right arm. The auction is April 10th, 11th, and 12th and you can view the entire catalog here . Here are my top picks. What caught your eye?
When I was out running yesterday I saw daffodils blossoming along a stone wall, such a wonderful sight!
I adore the daffodil yellow shade of this bowl!

A classic and folky marinescape- just perfect to add a nautical touch to your vacation home.

I've been wanting a pair of mirrored sconces like this for ages.

An excellent arrow weathervane. It actually looks a lot like the one I got two weeks ago. 

And how about this incredible architectural element. Would be so cool in an urban loft!

This collection of stunning antique glassware is seriously delicious.

An amazing wrought iron coat rack from a barber's shop. 

There's a pair of these pastel chicken portraits. And hell or high water I intend to buy them- so don't you dare bid or I will hunt you down and beat you with a sock full of quarters.

This antique farm table would make the perfect kitchen island.

I love the graphic on this snuff jar. 

An absolutely fantastic 19th century appliqué quilt in my favorite shades of green.

As you already know, I'm on the hunt for antique storage jars like these this year!

This wire plant stand is spectacular. 

This bold railway sign has so much punch and character.

A lovely, cheeky alternative to hanging a severed animal's head on your wall. I adore this folk art wall hanging!

An especially nice watercolor flower painting. 

And finally this gooooorgeous green cupboard- which would look divine in my kitchen. 

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