Wednesday, April 9, 2014

New Acquisitions and Flea Market Finds

The weather is simply glorious lately. The grass is turning green, the daffodils are blooming with a reckless abandon, and the forsythia is about to burst forth in a wave of day glow yellow. I love spring SO MUCH!

 This morning was especially fine, so I got up a little early to take pictures of some recent projects and the things I snagged at Sunday's flea market. The market was not overwhelming in the greatness category this week, and my greatest success was actually scoring two really good acoustic guitars for the husband.

For myself I got a set of four vintage maple chairs, a nice early 20th century art pottery planter, and a gorgeous vintage kid leather satchel. On Friday night I got the most tremendous pair of tufted velvet armchairs on craigslist. They're one of my very favorite craigslist scores EVER. Until my workshop is renovated, they'll stay in the safety of the music studio. You guys, they swivel.

Yesterday I picked up a wonderful solid oak farm table that I plan to start working on tonight- I'm going to pair that set of four chairs with it. Finally, I sold my dining room set right out of the the house, so here's the new (antique) one that I'm putting the finishing touches on now. It's about 100 years old. How do we feel about the hearts? Interesting, or too precious?

This planter is about 7inches tall. It's so pretty in person with gorgeous shades of chartreuse and mint. It was $10.

Isn't this satchel outstanding! It's buttery soft. I think I'll use it as my purse when I tagsale and flea market so I can easily stow small purchases in it. It was $20. 

This amazing brand new pair of velvet tufted chairs was $100 for the pair. I could just die. 

The new oak farm table I'll start working on tonight. 

And here's my new antique trestle table. 

And here's 

Here's what the table looked like before- as part of a banquette set. 

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