Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Planning My Workshop

Now that my husband has moved most of his musical equipment into the newly constructed studio, I can finally start to envision the next big renovation project- turning the beat down garage into my workshop. Now when I say "workshop" what I mostly mean is show space and girl hang out place. I like to do 95% of my furniture work outdoors, where the ventilation is better and everything dries faster. This is good though, as it means I can make the space really nice and comfy. I've already snagged a few key pieces for the building, and I thought I'd show you the rest of what I'm planning as well. I'm hoping to have the space fully finished by this time next year, which seems pretty realistic.
Here's the building I'm working with:
This was when we pulled all the furnishings out of it last summer to paint the floors.

And here's the inside. It's not small, the footprint is 19ft x 27ft and the ceilings are 10ft high. But as you can see, it's in the rough right now. Soooo much potential.

First let's talk about the building itself.
I'm going to paint the floors again,
Maybe a huge funky stencil like this
or a smaller stencil that looks like tile.

Or a deep gray with sealant that looks polished and pretty.

To have some continuity between my workshop and the music studio, I'll be doing the same bead board walls that we did in the new structure. They look like this. I might even paint them the same color, which was Behr's Ostrich.

They come unfinished so painting them is a bear.

But we really liked the result in the studio.

The ceilings in the same will be the same tongue and groove pine boards that we did as ceilings in the upstairs of the main house, and will be doing on the second floor of the studio.
Here's a pretty good shot of the ceiling treatment in our upstairs hallway.

The hideous ceiling fans will be yanked out and I'm going to put in something with more style, and that can put out more light.

I like both of these a lot.

As for furnishings, Here's what I already have:

This amazing pair of velvet armchairs

And this terrific vintage velvet sofa

I'll use my antique folk art hutch to site interior design books, magazines, and paint chip books.

And this spectacular Aesthetic movement c.1880 mirror, which is just the bees knees. 

And finally, here's some of the things I want to get when the space is finished:
I always love gorgeous brass sculptures like these.

And I'm going to want a marble coffee table to go with my sofa

I want a pair of marble and gilt side tables like this

Gorgeous pair of industrial stools.

And finally I'll want some additional lighting. I'd like to find a pair of antique lamps with some pizzaz, something like these below:

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