Wednesday, April 9, 2014

A Spanish Colonial Style Sideboard

This was such a fun piece to work on. I do a lot of sideboards, and after a while they all start to look about the same. This one was totally unique, though, and a refreshing change. It's huge, weighs approximately the same as a baby elephant, and is built like a rock. The inside label says it was made by "The Craftsman's Guild", which sounds interesting, like a knights templar for cabinet makers, perhaps. I sanded the pine top to show off the fantastic figuring of the woodgrain. I painted the case a gloss black, and kept the original ornate patina'd brass hardware because it's so delightfully funky. The top drawer pulls are eagles. Before and afters below!


  1. Nice still for sale?
    I want to buy it

    1. Hi Jose. The sideboard is still available. Feel free to email me if you want to come out and see it.