Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Chesterfield Sofas

     At any given time I have a running list in my head of things I'm currently hunting for. Some of them are more obtainable than others. Some are so specific and rare that deep down I doubt I'll ever be able to find or afford them. Such was the case with the elusive leather chesterfield sleeper sofa. It was my unicorn. I posted way back in August here about wanting a leather, hopefully chesterfield style, sleeper sofa, and have been searching diligently ever since.
      This weekend I struck gold. While I was down in New York last week I noticed a craigslist listing for THE PERFECT SOFA at an incredible price. I literally could not believe it. I lined up to hopefully pick it up on Saturday, though I knew the seller had someone else who was going to try and get the sofa on Friday afternoon. That person bailed though, and the sofa was all mine. When I saw it in person it took my breath away. Absolutely perfect, like it was never used, gorgeous lines, high quality construction, 100% real leather. Once we got the sofa loaded into my truck the seller casually mentioned that he had a pair of matching leather chairs- and would I like to see them. Um YES! And of course, they were perfect too, and also incredibly reasonably priced. All told, I paid under $550 for the entire set. To put that into perspective, most of the vintage leather chesterfields I've seen have been near $5000, and not sleeper sofas.
       I've included pics of other drool worthy chesterfield sofas. Scroll all the way down to see our new sofa and matching chairs already carried upstairs to the second floor of the guest house where they will reside once the space is complete. Hurray for Craigslist!!

The couch is gorgeous and so is that painting of a bull above it here.

I love the tight compact form of this chesterfield loveseat. Very handsome.

A stunning space with a spectacular sofa. I thought I wanted a brown leather one like this until I saw the black one on craigslist. Then I realized black was far superior.

Everything in this picture is just screaming my name. Someday I want to try a wall treatment like this. It's like turning the entire wall into a piece of art. Also, I want a leather jacket in this fawn color for Spring.

Classic cool and partnered with a bold piece of art for extra impact.

So this one is quite similar to the one I just scored. The big difference? This one is $7,500. LOL.

What a breathtaking living room here. So inviting and cozy.

Another really great vintage example- and do you see the gold and chartreuse velvet armchair peeking around the corner? 

So I didn't bother to untie the rope that's holding the internal bed mechanism in place since we'll have to move the sofa around a bit still when we do the floors and walls in the upstairs. It's beautiful though right? I love it!!

Look at all the detail of the brass tacks.

And the coffee table for the space will be this awesome antique c. 1870 industrial shipping trunk, which was once owned by a member of the Griswold family of Connecticut.

And here's one of the pair of matching black leather armchairs.

And the other armchair.

This is basically what the seating area will look like once the space is complete. It's so exciting to see it starting to come together!!

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  1. Anonymous11/18/2014

    arrrgh. i am currently hunting the same "unicorn." i'm jealous as can be.