Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Ode to Chartreuse

Green is my favorite color, hands down, easily, and has been since I was about twelve. If I were to put a finer point on that though, it wouldn't just be any green, it would be chartreuse. I've always thought chartreuse was the color of summer sun slanting through the leaves. Romantic right? Most people hate chartreuse. It gets tucked away in the corner with the ugly colors like magenta, mustard yellow, and maroon. I like mustard yellow a lot too, by the way. I find chartreuse utterly irresistible in all its glorious forms. Here are some pretty chartreuse things for a snowy Tuesday. What's your favorite color?
This adorable pair of pears would be so cute on a window ledge. 

Love the color of these chairs, especially with the white wood frames. 

Just as soon as I have free time, I 'm going to make one of these. So cute!

A gorgeous knit throw in my favorite color. 

The perfect room. I love the color, all the antique prints, all the eclectic details. Absolutely stunning!

This zesty pillow would add just the right pop of color to any space.

I'm not sure which I love more, the footstool or the curtains. Both are so spectacular. 

A tufted velvet chartreuse sofa is one of the most beautiful things in the world. This one is to die for. 

And finally, if I ever got to go to the Academy Awards you better believe I would wear this intricately sequined chartreuse gown. 

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