Thursday, January 30, 2014

Do I Need a New Bed?

       We've had the same maple four post bed since apartment life, which was several years ago now. It's seen its fair share of bumps, bruises, and wood glue, and now I think it may just be time for an upgrade. What started all this? Why craigslist of course, that tempting, wallet emptying mistress of furniture fun. I spotted the most amazing bed on CL yesterday. I wanted wanted wanted it, but my budget's just not there after my chesterfield sofa adventures last weekend. Luckily, my friend and twinsie in decor taste is going to buy the bed. So it will be living three doors down from me, and I'll be able to visit it and stare wistfully at its beauty. almost as good?
        But it did make me realize that as soon as my budget allows, I want a new bed. At first I was thinking a simple sleigh bed would be nice, but now I've decided what I want is an antique bed, French style, with a curved and carved headboard and footboard. I put my full faith in the Craigslist Goddess of the Hunt to deliver, as she always does to us thrifty souls. Here's a picture of the bed my friend's getting (Hi Leslie- Blog shout out for you!), as well as some other beds I like, and the bed I've currently got. What's on your- 'time for an upgrade' list right now?
Here's the jealousy inducing awesomeness that my friend is buying. Did I mention I'm jealous!

I love the detail and carving on this one, but I want a painted bed and I would feel horrible about painting that contrasting veneer!

A stunning example made all the prettier with a new paint job. I especially like the scalloping around the base.

This would be a dream come true, but at $2900, it will remain a dream.

Simple and sweet with fluted legs and carved details around the base

This one's so delicate in that amazing shade of metallic dove gray. I'd call it silver but I think silver is too harsh a word for the softness of that paint surface. 

The final word in French shabby, this floral upholstered bed is so drool worthy!

Another absolutely breathtaking example. The faded pink tufted velvet is wonderful.

And here's the bed I'd be replacing. There's nothing really wrong with it, I'm just sick of it!

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  1. My vote? The pink one. I like your 4-poster bed, though. Would a fresh coat of paint help you see things in a new light?