Friday, January 3, 2014

Cottage Spring and a New Project

          It's freezing cold and snowy outside, but if you drink a glass of wine and squint a little you'd swear it's June here in my little cottage. Last weekend I took all the Christmas decorations down (good riddance!) and put up all my favorite things, my Spring things. Once everything was up and set I realized the chair I had gotten for my living room was too short, and just not quite what I wanted. Luckily, that same day I found the perfect vintage velvet chair on Craigslist. It's become something of a tradition for me now, to go out early on New Years Day and pick up a new wonderful thing from craigslist. This year it was that perfect chair. I already painted the dark walnut frame white, and will put a brown glaze over that as soon as I pick some more up from Home Depot. I love the color and style. just perfect! I took a couple other quick pictures of Spring updates around the downstairs as well.
          My next project is to paint - yes that's right PAINT- the upholstery on the little velvet chair that got bumped from the family room to the porch, and the vintage duncan phyfe settee that I got off craigslist last weekend. My porch has been having an identity crisis, but I've got a full plan for it now, and hopefully it will be coming together nicely in just a week or so!

Don't worry- I haven't lost my mind. There's a method to paint upholstery, which I've been researching, and I'm quite certain this is going to work brilliantly!


  1. Maureen1/04/2014

    Nice. Very cheerful especially with all the snow outside.

  2. Love it! Can't wait to see the painted sofa!!!

  3. I'm liking the look of spring when it's snowy and icy outside!!! So fresh and pretty!
    Coming over from Inspiration Monday.
    Mary Alice