Wednesday, December 21, 2011

A step up

The primary problem that I face with Christmas shopping is self control. I frequently see things that I want to buy for myself. Sometimes I fold and buy them, sometimes I don't, but let's just say there is a healthy pile of presents under our tree this year marked "To: Kate, From: Kate". Self control is overrated anyway...
And on that vein- look at the fabulous gift that I got myself yesterday while out Christmas Shopping for my father! (I managed to find the perfect gift for him too).
I have been admiring vintage step ladders at all the flea markets and tagsales for at least two years now. I love them all, but I just hadn't found the perfect one (at the prefect price). And then, from across the room of the antique shop yesterday, I spotted this gem. Look at the color! The construction! Who on earth decided to paint it that color? And it's old, and the paint's old- so I think it was actually that color to start it's life. That paint was certainly not artificially aged. I want to put it in the corner of our family room for our spring flip. It might be too avant garde for the husband though, in which case I'll have to put it in our enclosed front porch. Someday, when we finally finish our upstairs, it's going in the master bedroom.
Here are pics of mine, and some other great step ladders too!
In person the buttery yellow is bright and warm, and is so amusingly contrasted with the bright kelly green.

I don't know much about ladders, so I wouldn't want to venture a guess at age. The construction elements and the wear on the paint make me think it's quite old though.

So charming. So sweet. So prefect. Merry Christmas to me!

Everything about this little vignette screams spring.  

I adore this room. The milky white and cherry red colors give it an airy Swedish feel. The step ladder not only allows access to the highest books on the shelf, it gives an architectural dimension to the space.

As a nightstand, of course.

Beauty and function. The ladder makes a great bookshelf.

With a wedding display. It looks like the ladder is the sweetest shade of spring green.
I love the restraint and simplicity of this ladder- it really allows the piece to sculptural.

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