Monday, December 19, 2011

Antique and Vintage butterfly prints

Somewhere in my early spring decor I want to work in butterfly prints. I've had antique bat prints for halloween, oodles of antique floral prints for summer, and I think butterflies would be just perfect for early spring. Bold, colorful, fresh.
 Potterybarn has done a bird theme for their early spring the last two years running, and I'm wondering if they're also going to want a change of pace and will be featuring butterfly prints and motifs in their spring catalog (it usually comes out in Mid January and its my VERY FAVORITE one of the whole year. I can't wait till the new one arrives in stores!). Here are some butterfly prints I like. What will you be doing to freshen up your home after the holiday season?
Along with a feather, some delicate frames, and artwork, these butterfly prints help create a fresh,  airy display here

Gorgeous saturated colors and the juxtaposition of a peacock and a butterfly remind us that mother nature knows how to color coordinate like a pro 

A punch of bold colored is given an upgraded sophistication with these antique animal and butterfly prints here

Just the right colors for spring, this is exactly the palette I'm looking for. Think how beautiful it would match my collection of antique blue green bottles! here

Soft and sweet- a graceful bit of art for a french country home.

I love the way there coordinate with the lamp and rug. 

It would be terrific to find a real vintage example of a butterfly chart. This one is a reproduction, but is certainly lovely!

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