Saturday, December 17, 2011

Outside the box

There are many colors I don't care to see in my house- and maybe that's not such a good thing... Really I only like greens, yellows, and neutrals. This early spring I'm going to be trying to go slightly outside my comfort zone with aquas, turquoises, and some light blue/greens. But that's about as far as I usually dare to travel. For whatever reason, I really don't care for pastels, or reds, or oranges, or blues, or purples in interior decor. But then again, trying something new is healthy, and a great way to reset the board. I remembered this when I saw my friend Jorene's decor. She is a brilliant, inspired interior decorator, and her interior decor is so cool and funky, and I LOVE it. It's not something I would ever try in my house- which makes me think it's time to push the envelope a bit. Here are some pictures of Jorene's amazing decor- and then some other pictures of colors I don't like being used to create gorgeous spaces.
raise your hand if you love the mantel!

A veritable forest of gorgeous glass trees!

Beautiful blue creates a serene bathroom here

masculine and nautical, but also playful. A great guest room here

intense saturated cobalt is mellowed by the bleached wood and neutral furnishings here

a deep rich shade of burnt orange makes the classic interior all the more elegant here

Pink grows up to create a welcoming sophisticated space here

There is no compromise with this purple. It is a NOTICE ME color- but with the retro velvet couch and the collection of original artwork, the room seems almost demure here

A very subtle dash of red gives a room dimension here

A red inspired living space, both rustic and engaging here

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