Saturday, December 24, 2016

Merry Christmas!

Ack whoops, a week since my last post! And it's not because I haven't been busy- I finished a HUGE commissioned project for a client, but there were several obstacles to properly staging and photographing the pieces (A dining table two leaves, a GIANT hutch, and a sideboard), so I don't have a full blown blog post for all the pieces. The client was sweet enough to snap some pictures which you can see on the Heir and Space Facebook page.

         So here I am up in Maine at my parent's 1760s center chimney cape. There are seven border collies here- Our guys Ace and Swift, plus our parent's dogs Nell and Skye, and my sister's dog Finn, and my brother's dogs Terra and Josie. Nell is the mother of all the others, so they're having a family reunion too.

         But let's not kid ourselves, you love me for my furniture, not my otherwise rather mundane life. So here's some red, green, and white furniture to sate your stylish appetites. There'll be at least three new pieces for you to ogle next week. Try to hang on til then. (wine helps)

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  1. Anonymous12/25/2016

    Merry Christmas! I love your furniture and if I lived closer, I'd have to have that white secretary. Thanks for your lovely blog.