Wednesday, December 28, 2016

A Vintage Ethan Allen Desk in Saffron

This desk! Well first the top. It's the best top I've ever seen. I've refinished well over 5,000 pieces of furniture, so that's really saying something, but it's with no hesitation that I award that weighty title. It's figured maple, curly (or tiger) to be precise, and not veneer-solid maple boards! The makers of this desk knew what they were doing, and were showing off- just look at the way the boards are matched up to maximize the impact! It's outstanding, and sexy. I'll tell you this, as a gal who looks at furniture hard, inside and out, every single day, Ethan Allen does not mess about. I've never refinished a piece of Ethan Allen that wasn't beautifully and thoughtfully constructed. They aren't paying me to say that, it's the honest truth. It stands the test of time.

              I refinished this piece custom for a client for her daughter's room. We opted for a take-no-prisoners shade of saffron yellow, Benjamin Moore's Abstracta, and classic black ring pulls, to give it a modern twist. I love how the traditional, subtle drawer pulls play against the zany color, and then there's the top. If a tinker tape parade could be a piece of wood, it would be this top, it's a celebration, a triumph!

            I've got SO much custom work lined up for January, and let me tell you, 2017 is trending colorful and fun! Thank goodness, I don't know about you, but I'm absolutely done with the plain jane, basic level, Joanna Gaines, white and wood vanilla style. Homes and furniture should be colorful, soulful, and challenging.

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  1. how did you do the top of this desk? I have the same one and really want the top to look similar to yours!