Tuesday, December 13, 2016

A Pine Sideboard in Pale Green

So much of 20th century design is unoriginal. So much of it is a direct reference, if not an exact copy of Queen Anne (1730-1770), Chippendale (1756-1790) , and Federal forms (1785-1820). Don't get me wrong, those forms are lovely, and the Colonial Revival and Bicentennial stuff is beautiful, but it is so nice to see an unfamiliar face from time to time.
       This Thomasville pine sideboard can hardly even be called 'vintage', I don't think it's more than fifteen years old. It's pine veneer over composite in places, though the legs and doors are solid wood, so hopefully no crazy old ladies are going to yell at me for painting it, also, I think it's much much better with paint. The design is loosely Scandinavian in feel but really a unique and attractive confection curves, and that paint flatters it perfectly. I refinished it custom for a wonderful client; she gave the color lots of thought ahead of time. I think she hit it spot on, a color choice home run. The shade is Benjamin Moore's 'Parsley Sprig', with the interior in 'Grasshopper'. We highlighted all the wonderful detailing with oil based gold applied very very very carefully by hand with a wee little detail brush. It helps that this is in one of my favorite colors, but boy, I'd love to keep this one for myself!


  1. Oh. My. God. So much better!!

  2. That color is perfect, I must say!