Saturday, October 8, 2016

Enough Color for Everyone

The tagsale today was a massive success. The weather held until 3pm when it suddenly and unexpectedly started raining and Jess, Brian, and I had to make a mad dash to haul everything inside, which is becoming something of an Heir and Space tradition. Luckily all my pieces are very water resistant, and it made for a splashy end to the day. It was lovely to see everyone and I'm so pleased that so many pieces found new homes!

        Things got quiet during the early afternoon, not surprisingly, so to pass the time I edited and posted a quick snap of an adorable pair of solid pine Ethan Allen nightstands that I refinished yesterday and haven't had the time to properly photograph and blog about yet. Here they are:

A few minutes later a checked back on the Facebook page and saw someone had commented, "Why always that same color blue?" Which... ok, that's not really a nice thing to say, but it's also just hilariously patently incorrect. Plus I've been up since before 6am after a handful of back to back 14 hour days. I am currently the Sass Master Supreme. I use every color of blue ever in the history of life. Blue calls me up sometimes and is like, "Yo, give it a rest". So with my ire up and time on my hands, I responded thusly:

 I'm well aware I posted that one dresser first. Do you know I looked at so many pieces of blue furniture that my eyes started to cross!

Kathy hasn't yet responded. I imagine she thought to herself, "Oh damn, that's a lot of different blues". Or maybe she only checks into Facebook once a millennia to say something mildly antagonistic to someone who she doesn't know and has done nothing ever but provide her with pretty pictures of furniture.

But then I started thinking (and yes, I hear you, I've given this all WAY too much thought) that maybe she meant I only paint things blue. And I feel like I do paint things blue a lot, it's always a strong seller, especially in spring and summer, but remember that I don't often have artistic control over the pieces either, as a significant portion of my work is custom for clients. So out of curiosity, and because I have planted myself so firmly on the couch that I may grow roots, and am wonderfully snuggled by a sleeping border collie puppy on each side, I've just spent a very pleasant couple hours scrolling back through three years of blog posts and sorted a selection of my favorite by color. I gotta say, I didn't have the patience to keep score, but it seems very VERY evenly matched.

So sorry Kathy, it's not all that color blue, that's actually the first time ever I've used that particular shade of pale duck egg blue, I know that for a fact because I mixed a single quart batch of it yesterday specifically for those side tables. 99% of my pieces are the one and only piece that are their specific and individual color.

P.S. Did you know my real name is Kathleen and for most of my life I was a "Kathy". I always hated it, particularly because I'm an insufferable motor mouth and that whole "Chatty Cathy" business, so one day when I was 22 or 23 I just started introducing myself as "Kate" instead. Everyone who had known me as Kathy was appalled, because yea, maybe that's kind of a jackass move, but now I'm Kate to everyone except my two brothers, who I rather suspect insist on calling me Kathy out of spite.

p.s. You know who really gets the shaft? Purple. I've gotten to use so few shades of amethyst, lilac, lavender, plum, merlot, and eggplant. I, for one, think that's a damn shame

And even worse, poor orange. Here's the one and only, a shade of terra-cotta.

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