Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Green, Blue, Green

This post is essentially a photo dump. I finished five pieces of furniture today, making the most of the  last warm and sunny day until May (Just re-read that and shuddered hard). Goodbye summer, goodbye paint and poly that dries with the speed of light, goodbye long days with loads of work time, goodbye tag sales and flea markets, goodbye gardens bursting with flowers for staging, goodbye iced coffee, goodbye not having to wear seven layers while I work.

         I suppose we'll make it through this one like we have every other, though if last year's mild winter is any indication, we're gonna get walloped, three feet of standing snow and another nor'easter on the way style. I should pack up and move this entire business to San Diego, and straight away; Winter is no good for the furniture trade. So while I batten down the financial and emotional hatches, here's the very last harvest from the fruits of my summer labor.

           The little solid mahogany aesthetic movement table was in a revealing state when I found her in the second to last row of vendors at the Elephant's Trunk flea market this past Sunday. Revealing in that it was topless, that is (oo lala). Likely it had originally had a marble top, but it was long gone. I added a new board top, and painted the whole thing in a fun shade of sea glass green that I've named 'Green Sea'.

            The dresser came to me from Carl the Furniture Guy on Monday. It's a lovely early 20th century solid oak piece. I painted it in a custom mixed pale blue that I've named 'Orchard Beach Fog', and refinished the glorious top to play up the fine graining of the hundred year old wood.

           The mirror above the oak dresser is almost exactly the same age, c.1900. I purchased it on Saturday at the ReStore in Cromwell hoping to place it in my own home, but sadly I couldn't find a spot. Good luck for one of you though! It's beveled and beautiful and painted in a custom mixed stormy blue named "Cold Front".

            Last but not least is a vintage handmade solid cedar chest. It's always a tricky wording as some cedar chests are also maple, or mahogany and simply cedar lined. This one is a CEDAR CHEST, front to back and all the way through. It's gorgeously made, but the top of it is really the star of the show. I sanded the sickly yellowing surface off to reveal the spectacular wood below, stained, and re-sealed it. I painted the case in a soft custom green named 'Dying Sage' because after several solid frosts my sage is damn near dead and almost exactly this shade of green, lovely in a haunting sort of way that only October and November ever really capture.

       And with that I wish you all a lovely evening. It's going to be raining for a good part of the next three days, so I'm going to take a little time off to clean my poor house and workshop, and putz around. I'll be back with loads more at the front end of next week!

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