Friday, August 5, 2016

A Vintage Maple Hutch in Red

I love a little hutch. They're so cute and so ridiculously handy in decorating a home. You can put a little hutch like this basically anywhere. The traditional place for one would be the dining room of course, but because this little guy is wonderfully petite, it could just as easily go in a bathroom, a hallway, a study, or a kitchen. But most of all I think it would make a fabulous coffee bar. Just picture it lined up with chunky white mugs and canisters of coffee beans!! I left the old hooks across the top shelf for that very purpose.
         The piece is solid maple and I refinished the top in a rich deep tone. From the moment I spotted this little guy at the Cromwell ReStore I knew I wanted to paint it red. And red's not a color I use very often, so it's a bit of a risky move. I custom mixed the shade, named 'Fraktur', which has a warmth that references the stunning dutch 18th century cupboards made in Pennsylvania and New York. I took the dutch theme one step further and painted the raised panels of the doors and drawer, and the scrollwork of the shelves in a sliiiiightly different shade that leans more toward taupe. The effect doesn't hit you over the head, but helps to give the piece depth and character. I used salvaged 19th century brass pulls painted soft black for the drawer.

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