Monday, August 22, 2016

A Solid Oak Dresser and Mirror in Blue

Can I whine for a minute or two guys and gals? Will you indulge me?
My teeth hurt SO MUCH. I had a broken wisdom tooth that I was actively ignoring, and ignoring and ignoring. And then a dentist told me I needed a double root canal, but I ignored it, cause it didn't hurt and who was $6,000 sitting around to throw at a miserable experience where someone claws at your mouth and tries to murder you via pokey metal instruments for several hours. 
And now both the wisdom tooth and the two molars are screaming at me. I am
And my truck broke on Saturday. I *think* it needs new brakes, buuuuuuut it might also need something else since the grinding noise continues even when I'm not braking. 
Needless to say I'm feeling very sorry for myself. I can't even sip my coffee without lightening jabs of cold white pain. Yay. 

The only way I think I'll ever be able to afford this is to sell all my antiques. The collection I've put together for a decade, the things that I found that were good and good deals (because I could never afford them if they were full price). 

Anyway, here's a dresser. It's a nice dresser. It's solid oak. It comes with a matching mirror. Probably one of you should buy it to help fund my dental torture. 

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  1. Anonymous8/22/2016

    Hi I have never posted anywhere before - Love your blog - I feel for your pain. Try homeopathy - hypericum - it will relieve nerve pain. Everyone I have told to try it - it works for them every time. Find it in health food stores. No side effects (Love your work)