Friday, August 19, 2016

A Dresser with Jelly Fish

Ack! I'm sorry, I've been lazy and not posting nearly enough!! I've got a backlog of about seven pieces of furniture to blog about! Pro-tip, when I'm this lazy I still post my new projects on all my other social media fronts as I finish them, so if you want to stay in the loop, be sure to follow me on one of these

Fair warning- I swear a lot on my twitter page.

So back to business. Here's a great solid maple vintage dresser that I picked up from the ReStore in Cromwell last week. That place is fast becoming my FAVORITE furniture source!!

It's a fabulous piece of furniture in great condition, but was a little ho-hum. I refinished the top, painted the case, and then to add a little zip, I hand painted jelly fish swooshing across it.
I've got a new technique for painting detail work on furniture. I've found that by using highly waterlogged acrylic paint I can get a watercolor effect. I paint directly onto the painted ground, then distress the whole thing, then seal it with wax. It's just as durable as the rest of the painted surface!!


  1. Had to have retina surgery first of the week and Dr's orders have confined me to the couch. Thought I was going to go nuts, but then I found your blog. I have not been this enthralled since the Sears Catalogue Christmas Wish Book, when I was young. I go back to the Dr this afternoon, and sort of hope he tells me to take it easy for a few more days.......I'm only half way through your posts.

  2. That looks so cool. Great for a coastal room or statement piece!