Monday, July 11, 2016

An Empire Dresser in Yellow

I'm supposed to be on vacation, or at least taking the week off, staycationing, as it were. But I can't really help myself, and I hate the idea of leaving you all high and dry without any pretty furniture to look at for an entire week. So here I am, taking 1/3 of a vacation. I worked this morning, and snuck in a bit more this evening, and of course the blogging I'm doing right now.

        I got this antique scroll front dresser off craigslist last week from a lovely couple who lived in the next town over who are moving to Florida. I'm a HUGE sucker for empire furniture, and I'll pay higher prices and jump through way way more restoration hoops for an empire piece than any other. The massive curvy squatness of them is wonderfully alluring. This is a second period empire piece, and is actually dated August 17th, 1910. I currently have an empire server that I'll be refinishing soon that has an identical foot, and is dated 1914, and has a label from the Ebert Furniture Company. The design elements, construction and date of the two pieces are similar enough that I feel quite confident attributing this sweet antique dresser to the Ebert Furniture Company as well.

          Though I've worked on something like two dozen empire dressers over the years, this is the very first I've handled that has a mirror as well, and it's truly glorious, and massive. I also love the early, possibly original glass knobs on all the drawers.

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