Tuesday, July 19, 2016

A French Provincial Set in Green

These are such great pieces of furniture, which says a lot since French Provincial, mid-20th century furniture comes in many levels of greatness (or not so greatness). Some of them are made of something like styrofoam, held together with cheese whiz, and finished with photos of what real wood might look like if you took several shots of tequila and crossed your eyes. I'm not lying, for whatever reason bad mid century French Prov is really really bad, horrifying bad.

        BUT, this is the good stuff, made by the Bernhardt Furniture Company, who just celebrated their 125th anniversary two years ago. You should take a peek at their "history" page on their website, John Mathias Bernhardt was a pretty epic dude. And possibly due to his epic-ness, his furniture is exceptionally awesome as well, and gets the Heir and Space stamp of approval for quality of form, construction, and material. These two pieces, finished custom for a client, were a pleasure to refinish, not least because said client chose the prettiest pale green and airy white for the color scheme, and decided to keep the stunnnnnning original patina'd brass hardware. I adore how the set turned out!!

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